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I love participating in school visits because they are a wonderful way to connect with readers, reinforce learning, spark interest in new topics and encourage different forms of expression.  I can modify my content for different grade levels.  I have read and played games with preschool students and given lectures and also run workshops at university and professional levels. If your school, library or organization is interested in hosting an event, you are welcome to contact me to discuss what options would be most beneficial for your students, participants or intended audience. 

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school + library visits

Picture Book Making - 60 minutes, Grades 5 and up

What goes into making a picture book? This talk dives into the nuts and bolts of making a picture book, from researching content to fitting text and images into a format for print.

Writing Workshops - 60 minutes, Grade 3 and up

My favorite visits involve getting kids to write down and start to work out their own ideas. We read poems and use prompts to create new work. There is opportunity for students to share their work, get feedback and leave with plenty of new ideas. This can be tailored to the needs of the individual classes and includes fun mail. 

Animal Writing Workshops - 60 minutes, Grade 3 and up

Again, this is my favorite kind of visit, one that encourages kids to use their imagination and work out their own ideas. We each pick a favorite animal and imagine what life for that animal is like. We talk about how our senses drive our experience of the world and what it might be like to have a good sense of smell or highly sensitive ears.  We talk about ecosystems and how being a predator or a prey animal might effect the animal's narrative. There is opportunity for students to share their work with each other and leave with a story started. This can be tailored to the needs of individual classes. 

Virtual Meet the Author Visit/Read Aloud - 20-40 minutes, Grades Pre K- 2nd grade

These visits include a short introduction to my work and the creative process behind the books I'm working on, an optional read-a-loud and a Q+A. Students get a very short tour of my studio space and a look at the tools I use to create picture books.

Writing and Illustrating as a Career - 60 minutes, Grade 6 and up 

This visit is an introduction to my work, my path to a career in the arts and what my day as a writer and illustrator looks like. It includes a mini behind the scenes tour of my studio and the projects I am currently working on. There is time at the end for a Q + A. 

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